Sexual anxiety  

Sexual anxiety makes your life complicated, does it not? It can seriously harm your sexual life and also your whole relationship. That is why you should be able to fight it, right? But how? Well, if you want to get rid of sexual anxiety completely then you will need do some things differently, maybe try some aphrodisiacs. What aboutother things? Well, keep on reading and find out!

What things? Well, keep on reading and find out!

6 Ways to Effectively Kick Sexual Anxiety out the Door

1st Step

Stop being conscious about your body. The more you are the worse your sex life can get. Your partner loves you and they know what you look like. So stop focusing on that. And think about other things.

2nd Step

Do not have high expectations of your sex life. It will never be the same as in porn. Sometimes it will be awkward, sometimes it will be great and sometimes it will be just average. But that is absolutely normal. You cannot expect your sex life to be perfect all the time. That is simply not how it works in real life. 

3rd Step

Do not think about the size of your penis of boobs. It does not really matter. Really. Besides, there is nothing you can do about it so stop freaking out. Just relax and enjoy the sex. 

4th Step

Stop thinking about your past experiences. So what! They were bad, but that does not have to mean that everything will be bad. 

5th Step

Remember that it will not be great the first time, however it will get better with time. So practise! 

6th Step

Stop feeling the pressure. Do not do it if you do not want to. Take your time, wait. Stress will not help you. 


Well, now you know what to do in order to get rid of sexual anxiety. So please, do not let this happen. Do not let sexual anxiety ruin your life. Fight for your sexual life. And for your relationship because as you probably know, good sex is great for your relationship.